Mobiles for Education Alliance

This looks good and I am looking forward to hearing more... an initiative that aims to

  • Bring together institutions and organizations for support of mobile technologies in education;
  • Spread awareness of the available, accessible and affordable mobile technology tools;
  • Spur the innovation, affordability, and accessibility of mobile tech for improved learning; and
  • Explore opportunities to jointly fund specific activities of shared interests.

The initiative will:
  • Conduct International Workshops, Conferences and Symposia
  • Convene Research Roundtable Discussions which highlight cutting-edge research
  • Conduct Monthly Seminar Series with focus on specific topics and/or projects which show promise in improving learning outcomes with mobile technologies.
  • Support the formation of Working Groups focused on beneficiary groups, geographic areas or educational themes

The Essence of Connected Learning on Vimeo

...Connected learning is when you’re pursuing knowledge and expertise around something you care deeply about, and you’re supported by friends and institutions who share and recognize this common passion or purpose...

The Essence of Connected Learning on Vimeo

But just have a look at their great infographic - http://connectedlearning.tv/what-is-connected-learning

If you are interested then they are running events with talks by experts in the area such as this one coming up!