Digital Storytelling and Popcorn

Digital Storytelling

I have really enjoyed seeing some of the digital storytelling examples and the sessions, like the awesome one on GIF's as well. I think that taking stock of the ways that storytelling can fit into different spaces is a perfect idea for learning about connections and new tools. I particularly liked the reference in Wikipedia of its use in participatory development initiatives too. I think this kind of approach is naturally better for development, for teaching but not just in education.

So my story - I have been messing around and here is the result of my encounter with the awesome web-based film making tool Popcorn from Mozilla. If you have not had a go it is a must - it is loads of fun :)
My mashup was is made for Valentines day today! Enjoy :)

It stars my dog Luna and her not so subtle new suitor, Dexter !


  1. Wonderful! I loved this (and your dog!)Did you film this first, add the soundtrack and then post to your tube and then use it as a base?
    How easy was it to post in outside links? Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. Thanks Karen! I am glad you liked it :) Yes that is exactly what I did! The trick to getting the effect of two vertical black margins happens when you film the shot sideways and then rotate the video clip using Moviemaker. It then gives you those areas to play with the text in Popcorn to make that back and forth discussionaround the clip in the middle - sound was added before posting to Youtube - all the rest was from Popcornmaker! :)