Stay Focused :)

Right now I am working on a few things and am trying to stay as focused as possible. Much of my time is spent working as a teacher at an Academy in the South East of the UK which is experimenting with using technology and quite large classes. I have one class of nearly 95 year 8 students !

The rest of my time is spent working on ideas for some of my own research at the moment into learning communities in Higher Education, I will be putting up a presentation about this soon which I hope to get some feedback on via the web.

Beyond this I am also participating in the most awesome #teachtheweb Mozilla Open Online Collaboration (MOOC) as a mentor and participant which is going on for another 4 or 5 weeks, covering a lot of topics and engaging people and mentors alike in activities to build a better web and to learn about becoming producers and not just consumers of the web.

In the last few weeks I also was involved recently in the DIG-IT workshop at Sussex on Interdisciplinary Perspectives to Inclusive Growth, Innovation and Technology. I've also been hanging around with people at the excellent Hacks and Hackers meetups which have been going on in London.

I have also been involved with the ICT4D groups in London and together with crew from the ICT4D meetup ( newly founded) in Brighton there is a plan to put together an event in Brighton to coincide with the Brighton Digital Festival around the end of August.

At the moment I am also writing a paper and planning to attend a conference in Czech Republic in October called "New Pathways in Transformative Higher Education"

Before this I am also looking to be involved in the upcoming Open Knowledge Festival in Geneva as well as two conferences on Education and Development and Development studies at Sussex next month.

I have also recently been participating in work on creating interactive video with Popcorn in javascript on the excellent Popathon run by Philo van Kemenade and Gilles Pradeau . Recent exploits feature in their blog post on this here - I also made my own Popcorn remix video of it as well here.

So it's been pretty busy, but good busy. I am planning to write a few posts on ideas about Open Education and thinking about this as I go in the next few months and am hoping to bounce off many of the things that I am involved in too :)

But for now I am going to leave you with this excellent infographic which is all about how to stay focused :)

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